Ice Nine Kills & In This Moment at Coca-Cola Roxy

Ice Nine Kills & In This Moment at Coca-Cola Roxy Tickets

Coca-Cola Roxy | Atlanta, Georgia

Ice Nine Kills & In This Moment at Coca-Cola Roxy

Did you know that the stunning Coca-Cola Roxy in Atlanta, Georgia has been rated in the top five of several customer service surveys and lists? That’s because the venue works hard to bring the best entertainment and style for their patrons at every Alternative Rock concert and event. From the moment you enter the doors and experience the richly decorated atmosphere and decor, you’ll be greeted by friendly staff ready to make you feel like a celeb. Whether you need help finding your seat or to the fully-stocked on-site bar, they will make sure you are taken care of. Then once the show comes to a close, they’ll be the last smiling face you see before you step out the door. You can’t go wrong with the Coca-Cola Roxy for your next Alternative Rock event.

We urge you to come for An alternative music gig at Georgia. This is definitely one of those locales that delivers on all fronts! We hold Ice Nine Kills & In This Moment to the highest standards and only engage well-known alternative music performers. This ensures that everyone that comes here feels the full weight of its greatness. What can fans expect when they arrive? Check it out! First up? The stage lighting and sound will not let you down. Numerous food vendors sell food and drinks during the venue. The Coca-Cola Roxy décor includes plush seats for the fans. It’s a beautiful design that fans cannot stop talking about! The stage is huge, with enough space for the artists to maneuver. Book a seat by clicking on the ‘get tickets’ button. Then, get ready for a legendary night!

Ice Nine Kills & In This Moment at Coca-Cola Roxy at Coca-Cola Roxy

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